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Best Streaming
Tools Of 2022

We only recommend tools that we use on our own stream. There’s no hype here—just the stuff we’ve found to be helpful for creating top notch streaming content.

Streaming Tool for Broadcasting

There's a ton of streaming tools out there. Choosing the right ones for your stream can take you to the next level.

Over time, we’ve worked hard testing streaming tools to find the ones that add value and excellence to your stream. Here are the essential streaming tools that we believe in so much that we use them ourselves.


Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that if you buy one of them we will receive a commission for the sale. Nonetheless, we have and do use all the tools linked below and recommend them because we find them great, regardless of whether or how much they pay us. Please don't spend any money on these products unless you believe they will help you achieve your goals.

Most Recommended Tools

Open Broadcaster Software


OBS is the gold standard for broadcasting software. Powerful and all the essential features.

OBS is a proven tool in the streaming industry. It offers exceptional features, and allows you to do all you can imagine on your channel. While it may seem overwhelming at first, it's worth the time to learn OBS as it can scale with your stream as you dream up new channel features. It's a no-brainer why the best streamers on the planet use OBS.



Discord is the king of communicating with your viewers while off stream.

Community building is done on and off stream, and Discord is the champion of talking with your viewers while off stream. It's the perfect place to post memes, funny clips from your channel, and just talk shop with your community. If you haven't built a discord server for you channel, get to it now!



Being able to accurately measure your channel's statistics is key to understand what's really happening with your channel.

You can't know the real truth of your channel's growth without seeing the cold, hard data. TwitchTracker is a free website that allows you to see the trends, numbers, and data of your channel. It's helpful to see your growth over a length of time, and how your channel is really doing.

Blue Yeti Microphone

Affordable & Quality USB Microphone

One of the most important factors of a stream is having quality microphone audio, and the Blue Yeti has been my go-to microphone for the past 4 years.

While there's microphones that are more expensive with higher quality sound, you won't find a microphone that matches the price for this level of quality. I have used this microphone for gaming, podcasting, and streaming for the past 4 years. Cannot recommend it enough.

Elgato Capture Card

The Most Popular Streaming Capture Card

If you're planning to stream your console games, this is a must-have. Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, and more can be streamed with the help of this device.

This Elgato Capture Card is necessary if you're planning to stream console games. If you're going to be solely streaming PC games, it's not necessary.

I'd argue this is the most popular streaming piece of equipment on the planet.

Webaround Green Screen

Affordable & Portable Green Screen

If you're planning on utilizing a green screen, this could be the right one for you if you're looking for something to easily store.

My apartment is small and I was limited on space. This webaround portable green screen was clutch as it could be easily fixed to my desk chair and stored in a closet when streaming was over. I'll post a proper review soon, but it's worked good for me. My biggest problem with it is that you can't be be close to a wall or table to your left or right otherwise it'll bump up against it.

ElGato Collapsible Green Screen

Easy to Use Green Screen

This collapsible green screen is quick, easy, and gives great results.

I finally made the decision this year to switch from the Webaround Green Screen to this one. This larger green screen allowed me to show more space around me on the camera. As a bonus - I didn't have to worry about it bumping into my desk or getting in the way.

When I'm ready to stream it easily pulls up, and when the stream is over it collapses in a matter of seconds. Highly recommend!

Elgato Key Light

Easily Adjustable & Clamp Included

The trick to making sure you look great on camera is a good light. Great lighting will not only help your camera, but also make sure you're able to use a green screen properly.

The nice thing about this light is that it comes with everything you'll need to get it setup and ready for use quickly. It comes with a solid clamp so that you can attach it to a desk.

If you're planning to use a green screen for your stream, having a solid key light is vital to making sure it works as intended. If you've ever watched a stream that has a green outline around the streamer, this is likely because they're not properly lit.

While streaming with a light in your face isn't the most fun thing in the world, it will make your production quality skyrocket. A must-have.

Elgato Stream Deck

Stream Deck to Increase Production Value

A stream deck isn't necessary for streaming, but it really helps make screen transitions, audio control, and other stream features go smoother.

When I first started streaming I had keybinds to transition between scenes, mute microphones, and to turn on music. It worked fine, but I kept forgetting what key did what. Purchasing the Elgato stream deck increased my production 10x. This little device is super handy, and I'd recommend it for any streamer who wants to take streaming seriously.

Logitech C922x Stream Webcam

Easy to use, great price & quality webcam

A simple to use webcam to get your smiling face on stream. Great quality and used by thousands of streamers.

This webcam won't break the bank and will put out the quality you need. It's no wonder that this webcam is used by literally thousands of streamers. It's simple, high quality, and can be up and working in a matter of moments. I've been using it for years with no issues. I'm a fan.

OWN3D Overlays, Alerts & Emotes

Quality custom emotes, alerts, and overlays

If you're not looking to make your own alerts, emotes, or overlays OWN3D has a massive collection to make your stream channel look great.

Not all of us have the skills or time to create our own panels, alerts, emotes, or overlays. OWN3D has a team of professionals creating high quality graphics and sound alerts for your channel. Customize your channel with their overlays to make your channel look professional and sharp.

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