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August 14, 2021

24 Reasons to Start Streaming on Twitch Today

People hesitate and second guess whether they should start streaming. Here's 24 great reasons to start streaming on Twitch today.

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I am surprised by the number of people who play with the idea of streaming, but never jump into it. They’re worried it’ll be too difficult, or feel like it’s too much work, or just can’t overcome the initial anxiety that comes with launching a stream channel. But while there’s certainly reasons to not stream, I would argue that there’s even better reasons why you should start streaming.

I have been streaming with my friend on Twitch for 9 months now, and while it’s not been a cake walk I can definitely say that it’s one of the most fun ventures I have embarked on in some time. Streaming isn’t for everyone, but there’s people on the fence who if they gave it a shot would enjoy it.

With this said, here’s 25 reasons to start streaming. I hope these reasons can inspire you to try streaming out. Even if you dip your toes into the waters I bet you’ll enjoy it more than you even thought.

25 Great Reasons to Stream

1. Creative outlet

Streaming is an outlet for all your creative juices. Between creating your brand, setting up your channel, and crafting content it is an excellent way to take your creativity to the next level.

I love brainstorming ways to create new content that is entertaining, engaging, and exciting for my viewers. This includes coming up with new overlays, new comedic bits, and even the types of streams I broadcast.

If you’re feeling the itch to be creative, streaming will scratch it. Does that sound right? You get what I mean.

2. Find people to play games 

Have you been gaming for a long time, but would like to play with others? If you start streaming an online multiplayer game, you can be certain that people will join your stream asking to jump in. I swear every single time we play Rust or Apex Legends there’s new viewers coming in asking to play with us.

You can also deliberately reach out to your viewers and other streamers to see if they’d like to play together. You would be surprised how many other gamers are looking for someone to play with.

3. Learn marketing skills

If you want your Twitch channel to grow faster than a snail’s sprint you will need to start learning how to market your channel. This means understanding and utilizing a social media platform, creating shareable content, and promoting your channel. I would recommend starting on one Social Media platform and learning the ins & outs before joining another.

Marketing is a great skill to understand not only for your stream, but also for other ventures. You would be surprised how it can help you in other career paths. A great skill to learn and master.

4. Build a community of people who share similar interests

As your channel grows you’ll attract people who have similar interests as you. It’s an amazing feeling to fire up the stream and have people show up who are like minded. I highly recommend starting a discord so that you can interact and engage with your community even when you’re not live.

5. Confidence Builder

Having an audience that enjoys your content definitely boosts self esteem. As your channel grows you’ll feel better about your content and yourself knowing that you’re making content that people enjoy.

6. A Challenge

I love a good challenge, and growing a stream is definitely challenging. There’s so many factors that go into a great stream, and I relish the challenge to understand and master each skill required to do so.

Watching your channel grow is so much more satisfying when you’ve put in the hard work.

7. Hone in your comedic chops

Some people are funny, some people aren’t funny, and some people think they’re funny. The good news is no one is going to stop you from cracking a joke on your stream, but there’s no promise that people will laugh.

Having an audience on your channel allows you to work out your comedy bits and hone in your humor.

8. Sometimes fans make you art

We’ve had a few viewers make us art, and it warms our little hearts. 

9. Interactive

Streaming is INTERACTIVE. There’s chat, changing scenes, adding music, and not to mention the game (or content) you’re playing. Streaming is far from a passive activity, and can really get the heart pumping.

At the end of a solid stream - I’m always mentally drained, but wouldn’t have it any other way.

10. It’s simple to setup and get going

If you’re going for a basic streaming setup, it’s quite easy to get up and going. It’ll require you setting up your broadcasting software (I recommend OBS) and creating a Twitch/YouTube account, but other than that you can get up and going very quick.

Do you have to have all the bells, whistles, and expensive equipment at the start? No.

the HeyYouVideoGame Twitch Streamers live laying Apex

11. The joy of raiding another channel

Sending a raid of your community to another channel is one of life’s greatest joys. OK - maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it does feel good. We’ve all started as small streamers and being able to make someone’s day by sending viewers to their channel is what it’s all about.

12. The joy of someone raiding your channel

You probably hear your stream alert before seeing it happen. Ring a ding ding and you’re being raided by another streamer. It’s a wonderfully nice feeling to know that another streamer enjoys your content enough to raid you.

13. Have fun

Streaming is fun. Do you need another reason to stream? I love not only playing video games, but the art of entertaining an audience really is a blast.

14. Develop broadcasting skills

I have interviewed people on the SGS podcast who started a Twitch channel to develop their broadcasting skills and gain experience for a media job elsewhere. How cool is it that you can hone in your broadcasting skills with a stream and use that on a resume? 

15. Hype Trains

They’re fun, chaotic, and get everyone hyped. Don’t you want to experience a hype train as the conductor of the channel?

16. A good way to spend an evening

There’s plenty of ways to spend your time, but no one regrets spending an evening, or night, or day streaming. Right?

17. Practice public speaking skills

There’s a bit of pressure to talk in a coherent manner that people can understand. Streaming to an audience will have you speaking clearer and more articulate. You’ll have no problem that you need to speak in front of a crowd next time it happens. Well, maybe it doesn’t translate perfectly, but I do think it helps.

18. Spend time with others

Depending on the game you’re playing it can be a bit lonesome to play all by yourself. One of the reasons many people stream is to have others alongside them. Maybe not all of your viewers are playing with you, but they’re watching and talking with you as you play your game (even if it’s a singleplayer game)

19. Find new games to play

One reason to stream is to find new games. Your longtime viewers will learn what kind of games you enjoy, and can offer suggestions and recommendations of games that are like it.

20. Make money playing games (or whatever you do)

One reason why you should start streaming is so you can make money. As your channel develops you’ll be able to make actual cash by streaming. I’m blown away by the support from our viewers who are willing to sub, cheer, give bits, and donate to our channel, because they love the content.

Sometimes other streamers and viewers get upset when streamers mention money, but honestly this is one of the nice benefits to streaming and you can talk about it all you want.

21. Feels good to have some fans of your work

All artists want their work to be appreciated, and streamers are no different. It feels good to have fans who appreciate and love the content that you’re creating.

22. Exciting to set and hit goals

What a great feeling to set goals for your stream, work hard to achieve them, and finally hit them! There’s a satisfaction that comes with hitting your stream goals.

23. Try something new

Depending on the generation you’re part of, you may be wary to try new things. But trying out new things can keep you mentally sharp, change your perspective, and open you up to things you never imagined. Why not try streaming, because it would be something new?

24. Emotes

Fun to come up with emotes for your channel. Fun to spam emotes in the channel. Fun to see the unique emotes that other streamers come up with.

25. Learn new words like Scuffed and Poggers

There’s an entire world of words that I had no idea about until I started streaming. Stream jargon is very real, and you’ll learn quickly or be very confused by the words people use in your chat.

What did I miss? Feel free to click over to the YouTube video and add any other reasons in the comments below.

Streaming is a lot of fun, and something I think you should try at. You’ve just read an entire list of reasons why you should start streaming. What’s holding you back? Personally I am so glad that I started, and I think you will be too. Happy streaming!

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