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June 7, 2022

Best Twitch Name Generators - Find The Right Twitch Username

Here's a comprehensive list of the best Twitch name generators available for free. Discover the perfect Twitch username for your channel today!

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Searching for the perfect Twitch name for your channel? It can be difficult trying to decide what your twitch name should be. Your name is one of the most important parts of your channel that will shape your identity and brand. Some people are creative enough to come up with the perfect name quickly enough, but others could use a little help. That’s where these Twitch name generators come in to help.

There are lots of Twitch name generators available on the internet. Some of them are specifically designed to come up with a Twitch username, while others are only name generators. I went through the best Twitch name generators online and ranked them from best to worst. Read through this list of Twitch name generators and hopefully one of them can help you come up with a name for your streaming channel.

1. SpinXO Twitch Name Generator

best twitch name generator SpinXO

SpinXO has a username generator that you can use to figure out your twitch name, and it’s arguably the best twitch name generator available. What makes it the best is that it allows you to input numerous factors to help generate a custom-tailored twitch name for you. You have the option to add in a nickname, things you like, important words, what you like, hobbies, and numbers.

SpinXO takes what you add into the generator and “spins” a list of potential Twitch names for you. The names it comes with are all fairly good too. While other generators usually have a large percentage of the names being nonsensical, I found most of the names to be understandable and relatable to the inputs you gave. If you don't like the options of random names it gives you, you can always spin some fresh ones. As a bonus, this Twitch name generator is free too!

2. Welder’s AI-Powered Twitch Name Generator

AI-Powered Twitch Name Generator

This is one of the more interesting Twitch name generators as Welder's Twitch Name Generator uses AI to produce a twitch name for you based on your channel’s description. It asks you to “describe your Twitch channel as if you were telling a best friend about it” and then gives you possible names based on your description.

By describing your channel in a short sentence it’ll give you some wild and crazy names that you can use. If you decide to write a longer description of your channel it’ll do a better job of coming up with a more specific name that matches your description.

The AI on this free tool isn’t perfect, and sometimes the names that it generates aren’t even close to what you’ve typed. But there’s always a group of names that it generates that do hit the mark. It seems like this tool produces somewhere around 80 name ideas, and so if anything it can give you some ideas that you can revise to better fit your channel.

3. Nordpass

generate random twitch names with nordpass

Nordpass is a username generator that is free and simple to use. You’ll need to start by inputting a word that will act as the base for your Twitch name. Next, there’s a slider that allows you to decide how long you want your username to be. As a minimum, you can have a 4-character username and at a maximum, you can set it to 40 characters. Lastly, there’s a dropdown menu to determine a category to orient your name around. Categories include space, food, nature, animals, sports, and more. You can also choose to include all of the categories.

I found this tool to work best by plugging in the base for your name and then sliding the character length back and forth to see a variety of suggestions. For example, if you type in “Pizza” you’ll get suggestions like PizzaRat, PizzaPrisoner, PizzaJamesBond, etc.

4. Fantasy Name Generators

fantasy name generator for Twitch

This site is different than other Twitch name generators in that it doesn’t allow you to input any factors. Instead, you choose from a large list of fantasy categories. The category options are all fantasy related and include dragon names, elf names, wizard names, etc. Once you choose a category their name generator will automatically produce about 10 names that relate to the category that you chose.

If you’re looking for a Twitch name that is fantasy oriented this could be the right generator for you. If anything - these fantasy names could give an idea of what your name should be like and you can customize it from there.


JIMPIX is a basic username generator that can help you with a Twitch name. This simple tool allows you to put in a keyword and choose a category. Categories range from sports to food to Harry Potter to emotions. JIMPIX takes your keyword along with the category to randomly come up with a list of names for you to choose from. Simple, but effective.

6. Name Generator

I liked this random name generator because you are able to add a prefix and suffix for the names it comes up with. You don’t have to have a prefix AND suffix, but the option is there. This generator only comes up with a single name each time, but you can click the “Generate” button multiple times to continue to cycle through name options.

7. Cool Generator

free twitch name generator

Cool Generator is a basic name generator that can provide a Twitch name for you. Compared to some of the other tools on this list, this one is quite basic. Start by putting in a keyword for the tool to work from and then decide if you want the username to be over 10, 15, or 18 characters long. The tool will then automatically generate a number of Twitch names for you to choose from.

8. GeneratorMix

twitch name generator online

What sets this Twitch name generator tool apart is its ability to add numbers and underscores. Other than that - it’s similar to the other tools in that you place a nickname, keyword, or name into it and it’ll spit out Twitch names for you.

Side-Note: Personally, I’m “mostly” against using a number in your username unless it’s a name that truly relates to the number such as “Friday13” or “Sweet16.” But usernames that randomly have a number at the end (in my opinion) are more difficult for viewers to remember. As a viewer - you’ll remember a name like “TurkeyMountain” but are less likely to remember “TurkeyMountain723.” Similarly, I have never been a fan of Twitch names with the streamers birth year attached to it. A simple name like “Waterloop” is more original and creative than “Waterloop2003” or “Waterloop97.”

With this said, there are plenty of successful streamers with numbers in their Twitch name. If you really want a number in your name, go for it!

9. Cool Screen Name Generator

cool name generator for twitch

If you’re looking for an alias name for yourself and your channel then this is the generator for you. Cool Screen Name Generator allows you to choose between the length of the name and whether you’d like a male, female, or neutral gender name. It’ll then create a list of first and last names for you to utilize.

Things To Consider When Crafting Your Twitch Name

Proper Capitalizations

If you’ve decided to use a Twitch name that is multiple words you’ll either need to decide to use underscores (which personally I’m not a fan of) or decide to capitalize the individual words or not.

For example, let’s say you want your Twitch name to be JumpingTunaMan. You can choose to capitalize each word as I just did JumpingTunaMan or to only capitalize the first letter (Jumpingtunaman). My recommendation would be to capitalize the words within it to help other streamers and viewers quickly understand what your actual username is rather than pronounce it all as one word.

Follow Twitch’s Guidelines

Don’t break the Twitch guidelines for your username. Names that are abusive, hateful, or contain threatening terms will be denied or taken down.

Check for Availability

While you’ll need to make sure that your Twitch name is available on the Twitch platform, you might want to see if it’s available on other social media platforms. If you’re looking to grow a Twitch channel, it’s important to be posting media on YouTube, TikTok, and other social platforms. 

Holding social media accounts with the same username as your Twitch account can help your audience easily find you on the different social media platforms. You can use to quickly see if your name is available.

Avoid Underscores and Numbers

I mentioned this earlier, but my recommendation is to avoid using underscores or numbers in your Twitch name. Underscores look unprofessional and numbers make it seem like you’re a knockoff of some other creator. Choosing a completely original name that excludes numbers is better for your brand in the long run. A Twitch name that doesn’t have numbers looks so much better than one that doesn’t. 

Plus it’s easier for viewers to remember your channel if they don’t have numbers they’ll need to remember too. It’s easier to remember TurkeyGamer as a name than TurkeyGamer914.

With this said - there are plenty of Partnered successful streamers who have underscores or numbers in their name.

Think of the Future

When choosing the perfect Twitch name you should consider the future of your channel. Don’t pick a name that will become outdated with time. Sometimes streamers choose names that are game-centric such as “ApexFanatic” or “CODGamer.” These names might make sense if you’re planning to only play that game for the rest of your gaming career, but most people branch out to different games in time. Pick a name that is flexible enough to not be associated with just a single game.

It’s also a good thought exercise to imagine your stream becoming super successful in the future. Choose a name that you’d be proud to have for years and one that’s brand-friendly. By having a name like “Gamer420” you’re telling not only viewers that you enjoy marijuana but also brands. And there are many brands out there that might decide to not work with you based on your name’s association with a drug.

All this to say - think about the future of your channel when choosing a name, because while you can change your name on Twitch it can be confusing to viewers. 

Other Questions You’ve Asked About Twitch Names

What makes a great Twitch name? 

The best names on Twitch are original, easy to remember and fit your channel’s brand. Your Twitch name will be one of the factors that form your stream’s identity. Choose a name that you’ll be happy to have for years to come. You can use the Twitch name generators above to help you in your quest for the best name or just use them as inspiration as you come up with your own. Short and simple seems like a good rule to follow too.

What does TTV mean in gaming?

TTV means Twitch TV in gaming. is a live streaming platform that offers thousands of streaming channels from streamers around the world. Many gamers put TTV in their gaming name to let the other gamers they're playing with know that they are a streamer. This is a marketing tactic that some streamers use to help build their audience.

Should you use TTV in your gaming name?

One of the more controversial Tweets I ever posted was a poll asking streamers to vote on whether putting TTV in your gaming name was cringe or not. Streamers on both sides of the issue got fairly heated over the exchange. Should you use TTV as part of your gaming name? It's entirely up to you. Some others might see it and think it's a feeble attempt to attract viewers to your channel. Others won't care at all, and some might see the TTV and stop by your stream.

While I prefer a gaming username that is TTV-free, I have definitely visited streamers' channels because I saw the TTV in their name while I playing a video game.

Twitch Name Generator Final Thoughts

Scan the usernames of Twitch streamers and you'll see a variety of name types. There are no hard rules on what makes a name the very best, but I hope this list of name generators helps you discover yours. You can make your name funny, cool, interesting, random, or personal. The options are endless.

Did I miss a Twitch name generator that needs to be on this list? Do you have some tips on creating a memorable and excellent Twitch name? Send me a tweet on Twitter and I can add them to this article!

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