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November 1, 2022

Twitch Partner Requirements To Get Partnered

Learn what the Twitch Partner Requirements are & what the partner application process looks like. We'll also give some tips to becoming a Twitch Partner.

Twitch Partner Requirements


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For many Twitch streamers their goal is to one day join the Twitch Partner program. Being a Twitch Partner you'll recieve many benefits only available to partners. Plus being a Twitch Partner shows other streamers and companies that you have what it takes to grow a streaming channel and create content that people enjoy.

Becoming a Twitch Partner is no easy task, and Twitch has specific requirements that you'll need to pass before submitting an application that is manually reviewed by a Twitch staff member. The minimum Twitch partner requirements are:

In addition, to be able to apply to become a Twitch Partner you'll need to become a Twitch Affiliate first.

Tips For Hitting the Twitch Partner Requirements

Becoming a Twitch Affiliate is a milestone in itself, but often can be completed within a few months. The journey to Twitch Partnership is different for every streamer, but can take years depending on a variety of factors. The requirements to become a Twitch Partner are higher, because Twitch wants to ensure that partners are able to grow their community over the long run. Here are a few tips to become a Twitch Partner:

Hone In Your Content

One of the best things you can do to grow as a Twitch streamer and one day become a partner is hone in your content. This means figuring out what kind of streamer you are. What's your angle? What sets you apart from others? What type of streaming content do you enjoy creating?

These questions aren't always easy to answer, and sometimes take time actually streaming to figure out. Many streamers start out creating one type of content, but quickly realize they enjoy something completely different. The goal is to determine what kind of streamer you are and double down on that kind of content.

Secondly, by "hone in your content" I mean that you'll want to take some sandpaper to the rough parts of your stream. Is your mic quality not very good? Perhaps, it's time to invest in a new streaming microphone or adjust your microphone settings to sound better.

Take time to watch parts of your previous stream VODs and ask yourself, "What can i do better?". This can range from technical aspects of a stream to the types of alerts or overlays you use or even the way you present yourself on stream. Pretend that you're a viewer in your own stream, and take notes of things you can change to make your whole production even better.

If you want to meet the Twitch Partner Requirements you'll want to know who you are as a streamer and have all the rough parts of your stream ironed out.

Looking for some recommendations on streaming tools? Check out my stream equipment and tools page!

Leverage Other Platforms

If you hadn't heard this before, the strategy of streaming for thousands of hours on Twitch is not the best way to grow a Twitch channel. If you really want to grow your channel so you can meet the Twitch requirements for partnership you'll need to post content on other platforms. TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter are all great platforms to build followings and direct them to your Twitch channel.

One of the best ways to do is to edit your clips into great "short" video material and post them on TikTok and YouTube. Make sure that your Twitch channel link is in your profile on these platforms. As your content grows in popularity on these platforms you'll see users make their way over to Twitch.

I have done this with my own personal Twitch channel and had people say they discovered my stream via TikTok, YouTube, etc. If you want to have 75 average concurrent viewership you'll want to start leveraging other platforms for exposure. While creating content for other platforms seems counterintuitive it's actually a tried and true method to bring more people to your channel.

If you want to hit that 75 average viewership requirement for Twitch partnership start leveraging other platforms.

Build A Dedicated Community

You'll need views to become a Twitch partner, but these views aren't just a number, they're people. You'll notice that most Twitch partners have a tight-knit community around their content, but how did they get there? It's a combination of things, but here's a few ideas...

Start a Discord and engage it. Post questions or photos of hobbies/movies/music that you enjoy. Make your discord an interesting place to hang out. Host movie or game nights in your discord. Get to know the people who are part of your discord.

Host Community Game Nights. Most streamers enjoy playing video games and their viewers do too. Pick out a game that your community can play together. Whether it's Minecraft, Fortnite, Overwatch, or Roblox there's countless games that you can invite your viewers to play with you. One of the best ways to know the personalities that visit your stream is by playing games with them.

Chat With Your Viewers. Often the attention of streamers becomes distracted during the stream. It's easy as a streamer to get focused on the game you're playing and the content you're creating. The problem is that if you ignore your chat, you'll never get to know who they are. Make sure to spend time throughout your stream reading what chat has to say and interacting with them. Streamers who never interact with their chat will struggle to build in type of community.

Twitch Partner Application Process

Twitch Partner Application Process

Once you've met the requirements for Twitch Partner you'll have unlocked the Twitch achievement called "Path to Partner." Once this is unlocked, you can now apply to become a Twitch Partner. Congratulations!

The application is fairly simple. It'll ask you "Do you already have an established audience on YouTube or Twitter?" If you select "Yes" it will then ask you to connect them to the application.

The second and bulk of the application is a space in which they ask you to tell them about your channel and community. They recommend that you share anything that you think is "relevant to your Partnership application."

Once you've filled out this section you're able to send your Twitch Partner Application in. They manually review these applications and say that it can take anywhere between 2-4 weeks to recieve a response back. With this said I've heard of streamers who waited months before they received a response.

How will you know whether your Twitch Partner application was accepted or rejected? They'll send an email to the address that is attached to your Twitch channel.

What If My Twitch Partner Application Was Rejected?

Some streamers are accepted the first time they send in an application for Twitch Partnership, but not everyone. There can be a number of reasons that an application isn't accepted, and unfortunately we're not privy to these reasons. If your Twitch application was rejected you will likely get an email similar to the one below.

Twitch Partner Rejection Email Letter

Pro Tip: I'd recommend that you not send in an application the moment that you hit the requirements. Instead, give it at least a couple weeks. This shows Twitch that you can hold the Twitch average concurrent viewership and that it wasn't a random happenstance.

The Differences of Twitch Affiliate vs Twitch Partner

The main difference is between Twitch affiliates and Twitch partners is that partners have more features, emotes, and benefits. Against popular belief most Twitch partners do not receive a higher pay from viewers that sub to their channel.

VOD Storage - Twitch affiliates will have all their previous streams (VODs) stored on their Twitch channel page for 14 days. Anyone can come to their channel and watch previous streams from the past two weeks. Twitch Partners have all of their previous streams on their channel for 60 days!

Emotes - Twitch affiliates are able to have 5 custom emotes. Depending on how many subs they've recieved Twitch Partners can have up to 60 custom emotes on their channel

Advertisements - While both recieve the same amount of money for regular ads, Twitch Partners now recieve access to the ad incentive program. By opting into this program Twitch promises to give Twitch Partners a sum of money if they stream for X amount of hours.

Other Twitch Partner benefits include being able to squad stream with other Twitch partners and having full access to transcoding options.

Streaming Tool Recommendations

Other Questions About Twitch Partner Requirements

Can Twitch Partners Lose Their Partnership?

Yes, Twitch Partners who break the terms of service can have their partnership revoked. Typically depending on the infraction Twitch hands out suspensions first, but if the breach is server enough they'll remove a streamer from the Twitch Partner program.

Do Twitch Partners earn more revenue than Twitch affiliates?

While there are a select number of mega-popular streamers that recieve more revenue per sub, most Twitch partners recieve the same income per sub or bit as a Twitch affiliate. Generally, Twitch partners make more money than the average Twitch affiliate because they have more viewers in their channel. With this said there are Twitch affiliates who make more income from streaming in a month, because of their generous viewers.

Are Twitch Partners employees?

No Twitch Partners are not employees to Twitch, but rather content creators who are viewed as contractors. While there are surely some Twitch streamers who happen to be partnered and a Twitch staff member, just being a Twitch Partner does not make you a Twitch employee.

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