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July 22, 2022

20 Unique and Fun Streaming Ideas

Bring fresh life into your stream with these unique, fun stream ideas! Create memorable streams that your viewers will talk about later.

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Frustrated that your stream isn’t growing? Putting in countless hours streaming on Twitch and YouTube, but stuck at zero or few viewers? I have been there and it’s frustrating. While I can’t tell you exactly what the reasons are for your channel, I can say that for many people it’s because their content just sucks. It is boring, vanilla content that is no different than the thousands of other channels that are live.

There are more streamers than ever before, and if you want to grow you are going to need to stand out. As a streamer you are a content creator. Take ownership of that title! Start pushing the boundaries of what streaming is. Get creative, branch out. Anyone can hit the “Go Live” button and grind on Call of Duty, but the streamers who see growth are those who are consistently hitting home runs with fresh content.

But it isn’t easy to be original or come up with new ideas for a stream, which is why I put together a list of unique, creative ideas that you can use on your stream. These unique stream ideas can help bring life to your stream. You may need to tweak some of these ideas, but hopefully you can fashion them in a way that makes sense for your stream!

Unique Streaming Ideas

1. T-Shirt Explosion

tshirts for streaming idea

The idea is to gather as many T-shirts of various sizes that you can get your hands on. Visit thrift stores, ask friends for old shirts, start stockpiling shirts. This idea could potentially be expensive if you’re unable to get free or cheap shirts.

Start the stream wearing a single T-Shirt, but every time an action occurs (new follower, channel reward redeemed, new subscriber, viewer count increases) you need to put another T-shirt on. As the stream progresses you’ll be wearing more and more tee shirts.

Pro-tip: Have someone nearby to help you get the shirts on and eventually off.

2. Jenga Tower

Place a Jenga Tower (Amazon) in sight of your webcam or dedicate a camera to it. Create a channel reward that viewers can redeem that makes it so you must play a turn. Keep in mind that the average number of pulls for the tower to fall is 25. The viewer that makes the tower fall could be rewarded with a gifted sub, a VIP badge, or some other reward you deem.

3. Question Generator

Throughout your stream you could have a random question generator automatically feed you questions that you and your community can answer. This is a great way to keep you talking while streaming while also allowing your viewers to get to know you better. Here's a free random question generator for streamers that you can use. As a nice touch, you could also capture it on your stream via OBS to show the question too.

4. Ultimate Shot

Buy one of those little basketball hoops (example from Amazon) and put it in view of the camera. At the end of a stream, try to make a shot. If you make the basketball shot, gift 5 subs to the person that you raid out to. Or if you'd rather not spend money on gifted subs, you could call this segment "GOOD DAY or GREAT DAY?" and if you make the basket everyone in chat's going to have a GREAT DAY, but if you miss the shot it is only going to be an average good day.

5. Food Review Segment

four hot dogs side by side

Make a segment of your stream for food review. Review one of the meals that you previously ate. It doesn't have to be the best meal in the world or from a fancy restaurant. It could be a review of the peanut butter and jelly sandwich that you just had for lunch. Make sure you have photos to show on stream to make this segment work.

6. Warzone (or FPS) Timed Stream via K/D

You can do this stream idea with Warzone or really any first person shooter. The idea is that you start with a specific amount of banked points. For this example, we'll say thirty. Now for every time you die you'll lose 2 points. When you reach 0 points you have lost and it's time to end the stream. But for every time you get a kill you gain 2 points. The stream will be in a constant flux of ending or continuing depending on how good your first person shooter skills are. You can tailor the point system so that it's challenging for you. The goal isn't to bank up 1,000s of points, but to keep the tension of "Is the stream going to end?" alive

7. Hole Digging Sub-a-thon

Everyone's done a video game sub-a-thon. Basically they start the stream with a countdown timer of X number of hours. Once they countdown timer runs out of time the streamer must end the stream. The only way to add time to the stream is via bits or viewers subscribing to the channel. But what if your sub-a-thon was different.

What if your sub-a-thon was a hole digging stream? From the start until the end of the stream you had to dig a massive hole into the ground. The only reason you'd be allowed to leave was to use the restroom, but everything else must be done in the hole. While this might take a bit to setup, it's a guarantee winner in my book. Quirky, weird, and no one is doing it.

8. Cooking Stream

Trust me - you don't need to be the best chef in the world to do a cooking stream. Cooking streams are more fun, in my opinion, when the cook isn't an expert. Pick out a simple recipe that can be completed in an hour or less. You don't want it to be too difficult as you'll be cooking and talking with chat. Plus you want to make sure there's time at the end of the stream for you to taste your creation on stream.

Don't worry about purchasing expensive equipment to capture this broadcast. I have used my iPhone with a tripod (see here on Amazon) many times to broadcast. The video and audio quality is good enough if the content is solid. Make sure you've got a strong Wi-Fi connection for streaming before you begin.

What should you cook? Make a sandwich, pasta, homemade ice-cream, corn dogs, or whatever strikes your fancy.

9. Kickstarter Review

Head over to the popular crowd-funding website Kickstarter and search for the most popular projects that have recently been funded. Go through them with your viewers and discuss whether you think the product is worthy of being funded or not. Give your own thoughts and review for the various movies, products, games, comics, etc. that have (or are in the process) been funded.

10. Puzzle Stream

I love puzzles. Get yourself one of these metal puzzles and do a stream where you're trying to solve the puzzle. Make sure you've got the webcam positioned correctly. These metal puzzles are of various difficulty, and so you can choose an easy or challenging puzzle depending on how long you want the stream to be. I would recommend this Hanayama puzzle (Amazon) as it's moderately difficult and fun to tinker with. It will feel SO rewarding to figure this puzzle out. I would recommend playing some DMCA-free music over the stream for this one.

streaming tool recommendations

11. Browser Based Games Only

Create a list of browser based games and ONLY play them for a stream. Who needs AAA games like Call of Duty or Elder Scrolls Online when you have or Old School Runescape? The best part of this is most of your viewers could also likely play these games as many of them allow you to play for free.

12. Hot Sauce & Wings Stream

Have you watched the YouTube series "Hot Ones"? It's the channel where a host interviews a guest while they eat 10 chicken wings that are tossed in hot sauce. The idea is genius, and the channel is super fun to watch. What's stopping you to do the same? Whether you're a fan of spice or not - it's guaranteed to be excellent content.

You can either choose your own hot sauces or purchase the actual Hot Ones hot sauces here ($10 off a $40 order if you buy through my link). You can do it by yourself or with a friend. Having done this before I would recommend having paper towels and a jug of milk nearby. It can get very hot, very quickly. Create 10 questions for yourself to answer or you can have your viewers submit questions beforehand.

13. Draw Your Viewers

colored drawing of twitch viewers

Have your viewers submit a photo of themselves beforehand or during the stream. Gather your art supplies whether it's paint, crayons, pencil, or pen and draw your viewers. Don't spend hours on each drawing, but do it quick enough so that you can get to as many viewers as possible. While they don't need to be comical, imagine that you're an artist on the street who has just been commissioned to draw a tourist as they're passing by. Have fun with the creation! You don't need to be an expert artist to make this happen. If your drawing skills are horrendous, it could be a funny stream. If your art skills are excellent, than it will be interesting for your viewers to see you make masterpieces.

14. Cosplay or Dress Up

Cosplay or dressing up in costume is a great way to change it up for your stream. The more you commit to the cosplay the better. Dressing up as a pirate? Make sure you talk like one too. Putting on a military uniform? Play a video game that coincides with your garb. Have fun with it!

15. Jazzercise Class

Imagine that you've been selected to lead a Jazzercise to a class of 30 people. You're at the front of the classroom with a group of individuals who are ready to sweat. Channel your inner Richard Simmons, fire up the music, and start leading your viewers through the routine. Your viewers will think your crazy, but they'll be talking about it for a long time. Get yourself some colorful tights, shorts, and make sure you've got a headband on.

16. Stream Room Tour

Most of the time you're likely streaming video games, and your viewers have no idea what your streaming setup looks like. It can be a neat experience to "pull back the curtain" and show your viewers exactly what your stream room looks like. Give them the full tour of what you have going on. Not only the decorations of the room, but also walk them through your gaming setup whether it's a PC or Console. Give them the bigger picture of where you are streaming from.

17. Pretend You've Got a Talk Show

The_Daps Talk Show on Twitch
Twitch Streamer the_DAPS putting on a Talk Show

Create a scene within OBS or your broadcasting software that's the equivalent of a desk and place your webcam behind it. You could also just video yourself behind an actual desk if you have the capabilities in your home. But treat the entire stream like a talk show. You could have an opening stand up comedy bit to get the laughs going. Move into an interview where you could pull in another person via Discord to interview. You could have a segment that goes over local funny news or memes you've found.

18. Dental Mouth Guard Stream

Watch Yo Mouth party game

Have you seen the dental mouth guards that make you look ridiculous? They make talking in a sensible manner very difficult. It is hilarious to watch people wear these contraptions and try to talk. It would be comedic gold to wear these during a stream. Now I don't think you'll be able to wear them for the stream's entirety as your mouth would hurt, but even part of the stream would make it worth it. Here's a link to the "cheek retractors" on Amazon.

You could either play the actual game where viewers have to figure out the word you are trying to say OR you could just play video games and talk with teammates like this. It'd be a real hoot regardless of what you do. Make sure to brush your teeth beforehand!

19. Henna Tattoo Stream

Have you heard of henna? It's a dye that you can either purchase or make yourself that will temporarily dye your skin. Now you don't want to get an actual tattoo on stream, because that's permanent. But what about giving yourself a henna tattoo on stream? You could tattoo your arm with Henna live on stream with something basic. If you're a true artist you can have your viewers vote on what you should art you should put on yourself. The other option is to bring on an artist friend to give you the tattoo while you talk with chat. You can get Henna over at Amazon.

20. Oregon Trail Stream

Oregon Trail is a classic video game. Do you have what it takes to survive the Oregon Trail? It's more challenging than you may remember as you don't want to get dysentery or bit by a snake? You'll want your entire family to survive river crossings and food shortages as you make your way West. This stream could be blast to the past for your older viewers and....strange for younger viewers. Play The Oregon Trail for Free here.

Want more fun stream ideas?

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Streaming doesn't have to be boring. These ideas can help bring life to your channel. Do you have more original, fun stream ideas? Send me a tweet on Twitter. I'd love to hear about it, and if it's great, I'll even add it to this article.

I hope these fun stream ideas are enjoyed by your viewers and bring in some new friends to your streaming community. Streaming is all about trying new things, being creative, and enjoying yourself. If you decide to use one of these ideas, please make sure to let me know over on Twitter. I'd love to see it in action if I'm able or at least watch a clip!

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