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November 6, 2022

The Best Discord Emoji Makers - Free & Paid (2022 Guide)

Looking for the best free and paid Discord Emoji Makers? Explore our list of Discord Emoji Makers to find or make the perfect Emoji for your Discord Community.

Discord Emoji Maker


Stream Designs and Emotes from Own3d

A Discord channel is one of the best ways to build a community of people who enjoy like minded things, and emojis are a fun and integral part of communicating on discord. Emojis can be used on Discord to express an emotion as a standalone message or as a way to react or reply to other posts. Having custom, personalized emojis is not only helping to brand your channel, but it also creates a style and culture in your Discord server.

While you can only have 50 emojis initially on your Discord server, you can get more spaces for additional emojis by boosting your channel with Discord Nitro. While 50 custom emojis are a lot, you would be surprised how quickly you can fill up those slots!

Alright, let’s get to it! Here’s a list of the best discord emoji makers online today.

#1 OWN3D

Own3d is one of the most popular websites for streamers and discord owners alike, because it has a massive collection of emoji’s, banners, overlays, and more. With their professional team of artists they are constantly coming up with new ideas for emojis.

Not only are their emojis perfect for use on your Discord channel, but they can also be utilized on Twitch, YouTube, and other streaming platforms. Emojis that you purchase are provided as a PNG file so that they can be easily downloaded and are prepackaged in the perfect emoji size and dimensions.

Own3d Discord Emoji Maker Website

Own3d is primarily geared towards streamers, but that doesn’t matter when it comes to Discord emojis. Go to the Own3d sub badges section and you’ll see numerous emojis that while crafted for Twitch can be used as a Discord emoji too. There are numerous designs and styles to browse through, and trust me, it’s hard to pick with this many options.

The sub badges are downloaded as a PNG and come in various sizes (28x28, 56x56, and 112x112). Find an emoji pack that fits the style, culture, and vibe of your Discord community. They’ve got badges related to specific video games, unique art styles, particular interests, and more. You are guaranteed to find a premade emoji pack that works for you and your Discord channel.

If you’re hoping to find quality emojis at a fair price you won’t beat Own3d’s selection.

OWN3D Discord Emoji Maker

OWN3D's Discord Emoji Maker Website

In addition, Own3d has a Twitch emote generator that will allow you to create unique, custom emojis for your Discord channel. The emoji generator is a tool that lets you create an emoji avatar that looks similar to you or someone else.

With the various options and settings, Own3d’s emoji generator accommodates for over 25,000,000,0000 combinations. Seriously - they really go all out in their customizations. Your emoji can be crafted to be absolutely unique. 

The generator allows you to create 25 different emotes with a character. Your Discord community will love these emotes that are custom made by you. Give the generator a try today!

#2 Fiverr

Fiverr Website Displaying Discord Emote Services

Perhaps you’ve heard of this freelancer platform? It’s filled with freelancers looking for work who are more than capable of creating original Discord emojis for you. While this option is not free and more expensive than other options you really will get quality work if you pay the right price.

The benefits of hiring a freelancer on Fiverr is that you can direct them to create Discord emojis exactly how you want. You can choose a freelancer with the art style that you like and give them direction into what you want each of your emotes to look like. You can have something completely original, unlike some of the other emoji making platforms that offer more cookie cooker options.

Professionally made discord emojis do cost more, but your community will notice. They will be custom tailored for your community and high quality. Of course, this does sometimes come down to what you pay for them. If you hire the cheapest emoji freelancer on Fiverr you’re likely to get low quality emojis, but a higher price is more likely to result in a better outcome. Pay attention to the reviews of a freelancer before you decide on hiring them. It’s also important to check what their turnaround time is. Some artists on the platform can get you the first revision within 24 hours while other artists can take a week or two.

When choosing a freelancer, you will notice that they have different packages depending on their services. Many of them allow for multiple revisions too. This can be helpful if the emoji they send you is close to what you envisioned, but needs a few adjustments. They can make some quick changes to ensure that it is exactly how you wanted.

Discord emojis can be as cheap as $5 and go upward from there. One of the other benefits from this platform is that you can hire a Fiverr artist to craft you an animated emoji. Where many of the platforms on this list can’t do this, Fiverr artists (if you hire the right one) can make you some awesome Discord emojis that move and groove. Now that Twitch allows animated emojis you could use these animated emotes for your Discord and Twitch. I would consider that a win-win.

#3 EmotesCreator

Cartoon, Chibi, and Avatar Style Discord Emotes

This is by far one of the easiest emote creators to use. It’s a simple emote creator that lets you choose a few different styles and then provides various customizations (hair, glasses, skin, eyes, etc.)

If you are looking to create an avatar of yourself or someone else as a Discord emoji then this can be a quick and simple option to do so. With that said - it’s limited to making avatars like emojis, and so if you’re looking for some other type of emoji you will have to choose another option.

If you are looking for a quick and simple option. I would recommend this tool.

#4 Kapwing

Screenshot of Kaping's Discord Emote Maker

Kapwing is a custom Discord emoji maker that has all the tools and features to let you build your own unique emote. It literally has hundreds of templates and features so that you can craft the personalized emoji that you dream of.

Kapwing is basically a simplified photoshop platform giving you tools to edit and make an emoji that works for you. It has templates for the correct emoji dimensions for Discord (128x128 px) so that they’re the perfect size when you are ready to upload to your channel.

While Kapwing’s interface may overwhelm you at first, give it a try. Once you get the hang of the features and tools that it offers you’ll find it to be one of the best Discord Emoji making tools out there.

#5 Etsy

Etsy Discord Emoji

You probably didn’t think that Etsy would be a place to get Discord emojis right? Etsy is the popular marketplace for custom, unique handmade crafts and arts. But they’ve also got a massive selection of designers who can create emojis for you! Similar to Fiverr, you will need to look through emoji designers to find someone who fits your price point, but also has the capability to deliver an emoji in the art style that you want.

If you want to look through all the discord emojis on etsy, go to their search bar and type in “best Discord emoji” and you’ll see everything they currently have. By hiring a freelancer on Etsy you can ensure that the emoji is customized exactly how you want.

This is a great option for something unique that also supports artists.

#6 MakeEmoji

One of the other online Emoji creator tools that will let you personalize and craft emojis for Discord is MakeEmoji. It’s another simple, intuitive, and straightforward tool that will give you a variety of options to make your emoji.

Once you go into the tool you will have the choice of using an image that they already have set in the tool or by uploading an image that you want to tweak into an emote. 

One of the other cool features of MakeEmoji is that you can easily animate your emoji by uploading the image you want to use and then choosing an animation type. There are animations to make your emoji zoom in, move to the left, jump around, and even change to a variety of colors.

If you already have an emoji that you want to use, but only want to animate it I would suggest uploading it to this tool to quickly turn it into an animation. 

#7 BitMoji

Bitmoji Personal Discord Emojis

The last Discord Emoji Maker that I will recommend is Bitmoji. It’s a mobile application that lets you make your very own emoji. Want to know the best part about this emoji maker? It’s FREE.

The emojis you make with this app can be used on Discord, as Twitch sub emotes, or even on Snapchat. The first step is signing up for the application. Once signed up, you can access the apps editing tools to create an avatar that can then be tweaked in hundreds of different ways.

Once you have created an avatar that looks how you want, you can have the app generate lots of different emojis and stickers.You can scroll through and download the ones that you like. You’re also able to adjust an emoji to tweak it to how you would like it to look. This could be customizing their eyes, hair, smile, body shape, and so much more.

The nice thing about this app is that while you can use it on a desktop computer, it’s really meant to be used on mobile. Whether you're an iPhone or Android user, you can download and install this app from the corresponding app store.

Questions You Have About Discord Emoji Makers

How do you upload your Discord Emojis to your server?

Discord settings for Server Emojis

Bonus tip: If your emoji is the right size dimension, but it’s too large of a file (256kb is max file size) head over to and it’ll optimize the file so that it will be the same quality of look, but a smaller size.

How do you get animated Discord emojis?

There are a variety of tools that you can use to animate Discord emojis, but one of the simplest is MakeEmoji. Simply upload your non-animated Discord emoji into the MakeEmoji tool and you will be presented with a number of animation options to animate the emoji.

Animated Discord Emoji Options

Some of the emoji animation options include: spin, dance, flip, party, burn, shake, and more. You can view the image above to see more of the options that are available.

Who can use animated emoji Discord?

To use animated emojis in Discord you’ll need to become a nitro user. Discord Nitro is a subscription that allows a Discord user to have additional powerful features. One of these features is the ability to use animated emojis.

Apparently, there is a free way to use animated emojis by installing NQN (Not Quite Nitro) bot onto a Discord server. You will need to be the server owner or moderator to install the bot, and you will only be able to use animated emojis on that server.

Final Thoughts on Discord Emoji Makers

These are some of the best discord emoji makers or platforms online right now, but there are even more out there that can be used. Whether you are looking to create your own for free (or for a price) you can find a tool for that. If you’re not the creative type and would rather hire a designer there are platforms for that too.

The main thing is that you have emojis that fit the style and vibe of your community. Once you’ve got them uploaded to your Discord server - you and your community can react and express through the use of these emotes. It can be a lot of fun! I hope this article helped you find the right tool to make the perfect emoji for your Discord.

If you’re a streamer and hoping to grow your channel - we produce a podcast dedicated to streaming that offers tips, tricks, and advice to help. You can find our Streamer Growth Podcast anywhere that you listen to podcasts or you can listen from the website

Did I miss an incredible emoji maker on this list? The best way to contact Streamer Growth School on Twitter. Send me a tweet telling me about an emoji making tool that should be added to this list and make sure that you explain why the tool is so great!

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