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November 1, 2022

Shroud's Setup For Gaming & Streaming (Updated 2022)

The complete guide to Shroud's setup. Explore his PC specs and the components that he uses for his streaming and gaming PC.

shroud setup


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Shroud is one of the top streamers of all time. If you’ve spent any time watching him on the Twitch platform you may have asked yourself, “What’s Shroud’s setup for gaming?”

You no longer need to wonder, because in this article we will cover Shroud’s complete setup for gaming and streams. We’ll cover everything from the graphics card to the mouse and more.

In case you weren’t aware, Shroud is the gaming moniker for Michael Grzesiek. Shroud was a popular and incredibly skilled CounterStrike player who transitioned from eSports to full-time streaming.

While retaining his aiming skills, he quickly rose in popularity on the Twitch streaming platform as viewers enjoyed his FPS skills and laid-back style.

Shroud switched over to the Mixer streaming platform but came back to Twitch when Mixer ended. He continues to dominate the streaming landscape pulling in thousands upon thousands of viewers in his channel. While Shroud got his start primarily streaming first person shooters he now streams a variety of games.

Shroud only uses the best gear and equipment for his gaming pc. Whether you’re only interested in knowing what components, peripherals, and equipment he used or you want to know so you can get it for yourself, here is Shroud’s setup and pc specs.

Shroud’s Setup

All product links in article are to Amazon.

What Mouse Does Shroud Use?

shroud gaming mouse

Shroud currently uses the Logitech G PRO X SUPERLIGHT Wireless Gaming Mouse while streaming and gaming. For anyone who is serious about competitive eSports, you want a mouse that is light and offers the right features to let you dominate the competition. Shroud has always been known for having an incredible ability to aim in first person shooters, and this mouse is the tool that matches his ability.

What makes Shroud’s mouse unique? It was engineered in collaboration with the best professionals in the eSports space. Logitech worked with professional Valorant, Overwatch, Counterstrike players to craft a mouse that would perform at the highest levels of competition.

This mouse is truly SUPER light wearing under 63 grams and has a minimalist design to make it lighter than your standard wireless mouse. Its sensor was designed to be consistent, quick, and precise which is important when you’re trying to land those headshots in a video game.

One of the best features of this mouse is that it’s wireless. Now if you’ve been in the gaming space, you may be worried about connection issues with a wireless mouse. Nothing is worse than being in a critical gaming moment and having your mouse go out. You won’t have that issue with the Logitech G PRO X Superlight mouse. It has a 1-millisecond report rate connection so that it responds as you flick, glide, and move the mouse.

Shroud is one of the best FPS gamers of all time, and if he’s using this mouse then you can be assured that it will be able to keep up with you.

What Keyboard Does Shroud Use?

shroud gaming keyboard

The gaming keyboard that Shroud uses is the Logitech PRO X. This is a top-tier mechanical keyboard that is crafted for performance, durability, and responsiveness. It has linear switches’ that are perfect for FPS, MMORPG’s, and other games that require quick keystrokes.

Shroud’s gaming keyboard can be customized with color for each and every key. With its Lightsync tech, you can choose exactly what color you want each key to be. But most importantly this keyboard is portable and comfortable. The keycaps are crafted to fit your fingertips perfectly so you can be sure to never miss a single keystroke. With its adjustable back, you can set the keyboard at an angle that works for you.

Shroud’s keyboard isn’t the cheapest keyboard on the market, but if you’re looking for quality you won’t be disappointed. This keyboard packs a powerful punch and will have you quickly falling in love with it.

Lastly, Shroud’s keyboard is ultra-portable which makes it easier to transport to tournaments, LAN parties, or wherever you’re taking your gaming setup. Not only is it smaller in size, but the keyboard cable detaches to make transportation easier without the worry of the cable catching on something.

What Headset Does Shroud Use?

shroud gaming headset

Shroud’s headset is a Logitech G PRO X Wireless Lightspeed Gaming Headset. One of the most underrated skills to possess in gaming is understanding sound. The sound of an enemy footstep or a shot in the distance can be critical information when competing at the highest level. This is why you can be sure that Shroud’s headset is guaranteed to produce precise sounds.

Shroud’s headset is wireless so there are no annoying cords getting in the way. With Logitech’s LIGHTSPEED tech this headset offers over 20+ hours of battery life and can be used at a range up to 15 meters.

Shroud streams and games for hours upon hours and so it’s important that his headset be comfortable. This headset is designed with comfort in mind and comes with extra memory foam cushions if you prefer extra foam. They’re noise-canceling so you won’t hear other noises in your environment and be distracted.

Lastly, Shroud’s headset is a fair price. If you’re looking for the BEST headset audio quality you can find headsets that are more expensive and are known for their audio. But if you’re looking for great audio, comfort, and wireless you will be hard pressed to find a headset at this price range.

If Shroud can use this headset and obliviate the enemy team on Apex Legends then these are good enough for me.

What Mouse Pad Does Shroud Use?

Shroud Gaming Mouse Pad

Shroud uses the G840 XL gaming mousepad. While there are fancier, high tech mouse pads that can charge a computer mouse, Shroud isn’t concerned with the newest mouse pad tech. Instead, he opts for this extra large gaming mouse pad that gives him the space to move his mouse.

Shroud’s mousepad has a base made out of rubber so that it will stay in place. You won’t have to worry about your mousepad moving on you as you’re trying to control your mouse. The mousepad has the right kind of surface friction so that you can quickly glide your mouse across its surface, but also enough friction to help you “feel” the mouse movement.

While the mousepad often feels like an unimportant piece of equipment when it comes to gaming, it shouldn’t be overlooked.

What Monitor Does Shroud Use?

Shroud Gaming Monitor

The monitor that Shroud uses is an Alienware 27” Gaming Monitor. This monitor features a 240Hz refresh rate with IPS tech. It features a true 1ms response time so that Shroud is guaranteed to get smooth and crisp gameplay.

While Alienware offers various monitors of different sizes, Shroud prefers the 27” monitor. Large enough to really see what’s going on in a game, but also small enough for his eyes to quickly scan. Some streamers and gamers use larger monitors, but they’re not great for competitive gaming.

This Alienware AW2721D is made with high-quality materials and allows the user to tile the screen in any direction to provide for perfect viewing. Shroud isn’t the only popular streamer that loves Alienware monitors. Nickmercs setup and Ninja's setup also use Alienware monitors for gaming.

Lastly, the monitor that Shroud uses has QHD resolution that boasts that you can see “77% more on-screen game content” in detail compared to full HD resolution monitors.

Bonus information on Shroud’s Monitor Settings

With a resolution of 2560x1440 he sets the window scaling to 100%. For graphics he typically sets it to the following:

Vignette – Off

VSync – Off

Texture Quality – High

Detail Quality – Low

UI Quality – Low

Anti-Aliasing – None

Anisotropic Filtering – 4x

Improve Clarity – Off

First Person Shadows – Off

Material Quality – High

Bloom – Off

Distortion – Off

What Gaming Chair Does Shroud Use?

Shroud Streaming Chair

Shroud’s gaming chair is the Herman Miller Embody. This chair that Shroud uses is arguably one of the best chairs money can buy. Herman Miller’s are used not only by streamers but by office workers who want the best of the best. Herman Millers are known for comfort and ergonomic design.

While it doesn’t have the look of a “gaming chair” this chair offers the support needed for long gaming and streaming sessions. With this chair, Shroud is able to adjust it perfectly to his body so that his arms, spine, and body are fully supported.

One of the cool features of this chair is that once it’s adjusted to your body, it will then automatically readjust as you move in the chair to keep you supported. If you recline back or lean forward, this chair will adjust appropriately.

This gaming chair is made of premium materials that can keep your body regulated and cool and last for years to come. While some of Shroud’s gaming peripherals and equipment are at a cost-effective price point, this chair truly has a price tag that matches its quality.

With this said, if you’re financially able to get this chair for yourself your back will thank you for it. You can cut corners on some streaming equipment, but a nice chair can keep you physically healthy if adjusted correctly.

What CPU Does Shroud Use?

Shroud Gaming CPU

Shroud has the AMD Ryzen 9 5950X processor in his gaming setup. This powerful CPU allows Shroud to play any new video game without any issue. It has 16 cores and 32 processing threads which gives it the power needed to deliver over 100 frames per second for most games.

One of the benefits of this processor is that its hyper-threading system allows it to not only handle games but also video editing software smoothly. A few of the other features are a 4.9 GHz Max Boost, 72 MB of cache, and DDR-3200 support. For those of you who like to tinker with the settings, this one comes unlocked so that you can overclock it.

Shroud’s CPU is a real beast of a processor. If your gaming rig is equipped with it you won’t have any issues playing the latest and greatest games.

What Graphics Card Does Shroud Use?

Shroud Gaming Graphics Card

Shroud uses the EVGA GeForce RTX 3090 graphics card. Shroud streams and plays the latest games on the market and requires a graphics card that can handle them. This GPU offers real-time tracing so that games will look crisp and ultra-realistic. In addition, this powerhouse of a graphics card has three HDB fans and thermal sensors that allow for maximum cooling while also staying quiet.

If you have ever owned a GPU that had fans that made lots of noise then you know how nice it is to own a quiet GPU. Shroud’s GPU is difficult to acquire since the 2020-2022 market of supply and demand issues. If you’re able to get your hands on this card, consider yourself lucky!

What Motherboard Does Shroud Use?

Shroud Gaming Motherboard

Shroud is using the ROG Strix X570-I Gaming motherboard in his gaming rig. This motherboard allows Shroud’s computer to have optimum power for gaming and streaming at peak performance. With an AMD AM4 Socket and PCIe 4. 0: it’s the perfect combo for Zen 3 Ryzen 5000 & 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen CPUs.

Shroud’s motherboard has digital power control and teamed up power stages with choke and capacitor to make sure that everything is incredibly smooth and power is ensured delivery to the CPU.

What Memory Does Shroud Use?

Shroud Gaming Memory

Shroud’s system is using HyperX Predator DDR4 RGB 64GB RAM. This RAM helps his computer run smoothly while operating the latest and greatest video games. One of the cool features of these sticks of memory is that you can set the RGB color on them to match your gaming computer's RGB.

What Computer Case Does Shroud Use?

Shroud Computer Case

Shroud is using the MAINGEAR Vybe 2 Gaming Desktop Tower as a computer case. Its dimensions are 17 x 19 x 8.25 inches which makes it a moderately sized case. It’s a sleek design with tempered glass on the side to showcase the inside. On the front, there’s an RGB logo that can be set to whatever color you want. 

This case has easy access to any ports you’d need including USB and 3.5mm inputs, and is crafted to make sure it ventilates well to keep your computer running cool. A well-made computer case that looks incredible. The power button is on the side with the inputs.

What Camera Does Shroud Use?

Shroud Camera

The camera that Shroud uses is the Sony Alpha a6000. This webcam is a quality camera at a competitive price. It has crystal clear focus, and is not only a great face camera for streaming but is compact enough to use if you decide to an IRL stream. You'll have the option to put on a variety of lenses on this camera.

What Microphone Does Shroud Use?

Shroud Microphone

Shroud uses the Blue Microphones Mouse Microphone. Having a solid microphone in streaming is crucial to growing a stream, and Shroud's microphone makes his voice sound crystal clear. Blue is a popular microphone company with a reputation for high-quality audio products. Many streamers (myself included) use Blue's Yeti microphone.

What Microphone Arm Does Shroud Use?

Shroud Microphone Arm

The Rode PSA1 Microphone Boom Arm is what Shroud uses to hold his microphone. Made of quality materials, it can be fixed to a desk and allows you to position your microphone perfectly.

What Audio Mixer Does Shroud Use?

Shroud Audio Mixer

Shroud uses the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Audio Interface as his mixer. Easy to use, great price, and perfect for getting Shroud's sound dialed in.

What VR Does Shroud Use?

Shroud VR Setup

Shroud has used the HTC Vive Pro VR setup. In the past, he’s streamed a variety of games using this VR setup. He’s played games such as Stand Out Battle Royale, Contractors, Blade and Sorcery, and other VR games.

The HTC Vive is one of the most popular VR systems currently available and offers the user a truly immersive virtual reality experience. The Vive Pro has superb colors, high contrast, and incredible audio to help the player feel like they’re truly in the game's environment.

In addition, the HTC Vive is designed to be comfortable for the user. Its weight is evenly distributed and suits a variety of head shapes and sizes. You don’t have to have Shroud’s head size (haha) to use this, and it’s crafted to fit a variety of heads. In addition, the developers have worked hard to make it comfortable, but also wick away sweat so that you don’t have a sweaty VR experience.

If you have never tried VR before, it is definitely worth trying out. It makes for a very unique gaming experience and is especially fun to play when you have others to game with.

More Questions You’ve Asked Us About Shroud

How much does Shroud make? Shroud makes over $2 million dollars a year from streaming. We know this from the Twitch leak in 2021. We can’t know how much exactly, because this doesn’t include sponsorships and partnerships with various companies.

What does Shroud mean? The definition for shroud is a cloth or garment that is used to wrap a dead person for burial. Shroud can also mean a thing that obscures or envelops something.

Does Shroud have a girlfriend? Shroud does have a girlfriend named Hannah Kenney who goes by her online name Bnans. She’s a popular Twitch streamer who plays a variety of video games.

Why is Shroud so popular? Shroud was a successful eSport player for years before becoming a popular full-time streamer. He had impeccable game sense and aim, and was a huge asset to his CS:GO team (Cloud9). Most of his earlier viewership on Twitch wanted to see the master in action. Since his start on Twitch, he’s continued to grow his audience.

Does Shroud have a kid? As of 2021 Shroud doesn’t have any children. He and his girlfriend Bnans don’t have any children.


Shroud’s setup includes products from a variety of companies. His streaming setup is surprisingly less costly than other popular streamers, and some of his equipment is really set at an affordable price. Other pieces of equipment, such as his gaming chair, are much pricier. Do you need to have this gaming setup to be a top streamer? Absolutely not! But if you’re able to foot the bill, some of this equipment could really help you up to your stream game and also give you a competitive edge in some video games.

Shroud seems to update his equipment over time as new gaming technology comes out. We will do our best to keep this article updated with the latest Shroud setup if he switches anything out.

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