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September 14, 2021

Weirdchamp Meaning & Origin Explained - Twitch Emote Guide

Want to know what the WeirdChamp emote means? Learn what it means, where it came from, and if it's been removed from Twitch after the PogChamp fiasco.

A pattern using the WeirdChamp emotes


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Have you seen the Twitch WeirdChamp emote and wondered what it means? Weirdchamp is an emote that is used to express disappointment or disbelief towards the streamer. It’s used in moments when you can’t believe that the streamer just said or did something, and you’ve been let down.

What is the WeirdChamp emote? The WeirdChamp is a twist on the OG PogChamp emote in that while PogChamp is used when the streamer does something successful, WeirdChamp is used in times of complete utter disappointment.

The emote is the face of Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez expressing disappointment on his face. Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez is a

Origin of the WeirdChamp Emote on Twitch

The WeirdChamp emote that’s based off the original PogChamp emote was uploaded to FrankerFaceZ by a user named NyroLoL in 2018. The emote was later uploaded to Better Twitch TV (BTTV). Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez made this face when he reacted to a cameraman that had tripped over a tripod. The emote was cut from the footage and used as an emote.

The emote didn’t really become popular until it started getting used in xQcOW’s Twitch channel. In xQc’s channel it started being used frequently not only in his channel, but also talked bout in the /r/rxQcOW subreddit. It came to a point when the WeirdChamp emote was constantly being spammed in xQc’s channel.

WeirdChamp Emote

How to Pronounce WeirdChamp

You pronounce it as if you were saying the word “weird” and than “champ.” Don’t try to mesh the two words together, but say them separately as if you’re saying “Weird Champ.”

Why is it called WeirdChamp?

The title “WeirdChamp” was initially called “FeelsWeirdPog.” Pog is a reference to the original popular PogChamp emote, but over time the name was simplified to “WeirdChamp.”

Is the WeirdChamp emote banned on Twitch?

The WeirdChamp emote is not on Twitch and has been removed from FrankerFaceZ, but can still be used with BTTV. 

Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez made a twitter post after the January 6th Capital Hill takeover calling for and encouraging more violence. Twitch decided to ban the popular Gootecks PogChamp emote from their platform, and FrankerFaceZ decided to ban WeirdChamp from their platform. Gootecks continues to be frustrated by Twitch’s decision to ban and remove the popular PogChamp emote.

Twitter Post from Gootecks about Capital Hill Riots
The tweet that ultimately led to PogChamp emote being removed from Twitch.

BTTV has not banned WeirdChamp and it can still be used with their application.

Who is Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez?

headshot of Ryan "Gootecks" Gutierrez
Ryan "Gootecks" Gutierrez

Ryan Gutierrez is a veteran player of the fighting game “Street Fighter.” He became popular not only for his skill in competitions, but also for the efforts he made for the Street Fight Community. He’s known for podcasts, videos, and books related to “Street Fighter.” 

He is also the co-founder of Cross Counter TV. Cross Coutner TV is an entertainment network dedicated to fighting game fans. They create content on Twitch and YouTube producing shows and streaming tournaments.

How to use the WeirdChamp emote on Twitch?

To use WeirdChamp on Twitch, you will need to install and setup the Better Twitch TV browser extension. It’s also referred to as BTTV.

Head over to and choose the internet browser that you view Twitch with. Download the BTTV browser extension, and you’ll then be able to view all of the Twitch emotes that are on supported channels.

Make sure to configure and setup your BTTV settings. To do this you will need to go to a Twitch channel’s chat (any streamer will do & they don’t currently have to be live) and go to chat settings. Within the chat settings you can configure your BTTV settings. Make sure to have FrankerFaceZ enabled so that you can use and see their emotes too.

If you want to set it up so that you can add the WeirdChamp emote and other BTTV emotes to your personal Twitch channel, you’ll need to sign into Better Twitch TV with your Twitch username and password. Once you’ve done this you’ll need to authorize your Twitch account with BTTV. Lastly, go the emote list and add the WeirdChamp emote to your Twitch channel so that it can be used.

Once this is done you and your viewers will be able to to utilize the WeirdChamp emote. Only viewers who have BTTV installed on their internet browser will be able to see the WeirdChamp emote.

Example Of When To use WeirdChamp Emote

You are watching a streamer tell everyone their horrible opinion on a specific video game, and all of the sudden WeirdChamps are being spammed into chat. The viewers are disappointed in such a bad take.

The streamer tells chat they’re definitely going to win this round of Call of Duty, because they are the very best at this game. They spawn in and immediately are killed numerous times. Once again - the WeirdChamp emote comes into chat, because of the utter disbelief that the streamer said they were amazing when in fact they are not good at the game.

In Conclusion, the WeirdChamp Emote is one of many emotes to express disappointment

The WeirdChamp while still being available through BTTV has seen a big decline in use ever since Gootecks’ comments on the capital day riot. Can you still use this emote? Yes you can. But there’s plenty of other high quality emotes to express disbelief and disappointment in a streamer.

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