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July 22, 2022

How to Add a Twitch Offline Screen To Your Channel

Follow our easy guide to add a Twitch offline screen to your channel. View examples from pro streamers & learn where to get free & premium offline banners.

Twitch Offline Screen


Stream Designs and Emotes from Own3d

By creating and adding an offline screen to your Twitch channel you can provide valuable information to users when you're offline and not streaming. The offline screen will be seen over the video player any time that you're not streaming.

An offline screen should be branded for your channel and can include details such as your social media usernames, your stream's schedule, or even a link to your Discord server. A great Twitch offline screen (sometimes referred to as a Twitch offline banner) will allow new viewers to get a taste of who you are as a streamer and also point them to ways that they can connect while you're offline. In this article, I will walk you through the quick and easy steps on how to add a Twitch Offline Screen to your channel.

How big is a Twitch offline screen?

A Twitch offline screen should be 1920 x 1080 and no more than 10MB in size. While you can upload a Twitch offline banner that is less than 1920 x 1080 it should retain an aspect ratio of 16:9. The file can be a GIF, PNG, or JPG.

Twitch recommends 1920 x 1080 and I would take their recommendation seriously. A Twitch offline screen will look better on the video player when it is displayed on screens of small and large sizes. You don't want a viewer to see your Twitch offline banner as distorted, grainy, or stretched.

How To Add A Twitch Offline Screen

Once you have an offline screen graphic ready, it's time to upload and configure your Twitch settings to display it.

1. Go to Twitch.TV and login to your Twitch account. In the top right of the browser, click on your profile picture and then click on "Settings."

adding a twitch offline screen guide

2. On the settings page, select the "Channel and Videos" tab.

adding a twitch offline screen step 2

3. Near the top, you'll see the option for "Brand" - click on it.

how to add a twitch offline banner in video player step 3

4. Scroll to the bottom of this page and you'll see a section titled "Video Player Banner." Click on the update button.

video player banner on twitch

5. On this screen, you can drag your new Twitch offline banner file to be uploaded. Remember that the file can be a GIF, PNG, JPG and must be under 10MB. Twitch recommends the image size to be 1920 x 1080.

video banner for twitch channel guide

That's it! Usually, your new offline screen will show up on your channel within a few minutes, but if you don't see it right away give it an hour or so to see if it comes up.

After waiting 2-3 hours, if you still cannot see your new Twitch offline banner, make sure that you see the image uploaded in the settings. You can also try clearing your browser's cache or taking a look at your channel in an incognito window to see if you can view it.

Should You Use A Twitch Offline Screen on Your Channel?

A Twitch offline banner is a no-brainer and every streamer should have one. There are no disadvantages to having one. A Twitch offline screen can:

Examples of Professional Twitch Offline Screens

Shroud's Offline Screen

Shroud Offline Twitch Banner

Shroud is one of the most popular streamers who started streaming after a successful eSport career. Known mainly for being an expert at shooters, he plays a variety of games on Twitch. His offline screen consists of his logo and socials, and is branded to match the coloring and style of the rest of his channel's graphics. Shroud's gaming setup & branding material are only the best of the best.

Pokimane's Offline Screen

Pokimane Twitch Offline Screen

Pokimane leverages her Twitch offline banner to not only display some branded art of her, but also to point anyone who visits her channel to her Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

Tfue's Offline Screen

Tfue Offline Screen for Twitch

Tfue is an ultra-popular Twitch streamer who's offline screen focuses completely on aesthetic. There's no socials, stream schedule, or anything other than letting people he's not here...

Asmongold's Offline Screen

Asmongold Twitch Offline Banner

If you're a fan of Asmongold then you know that his offline screen fits his personality and brand perfectly.

HeyYouVideoGame's Offline Screen

HeyYouVideoGame Offline Twitch Screen

HeyYouVideoGame created their own unique design by drawing a rendition of each of the streamers. A simple message letting anyone who visits their channel know they're offline and to check out their podcast.

Best Ways To Get An Offline Screen For Twitch

There are a number of ways you can get an offline screen for your Twitch channel. Here are some of the best ways to get an offline screen.

Create Your Own Custom Screen

If you've got a knack for graphic design you could always create your own screen for your Twitch channel. If you own Photoshop you can create it there or use the free alternative GIMP.

Canva Twitch Offline Screen Creator
Canva is great to create your own offline screen

For an easy-to-use online graphic design program I would recommend Canva. It has multiple templates that you can choose from and the process to create a new design is simple enough for even the technologically challenged.  You can choose a template for a static image or search through their GIF templates for a more dynamic screen. Canva has many free options, but you can also pay for more premium content.

Purchase Premium Offline Banners with OWN3D

OWN3D is one of the more popular streaming design websites these days. They have a marketplace full of streaming related materials. They sell sub badges, emotes, channel panels, overlays, and most importantly for this article....offline screen banners.

You can search through their options, but many of their best deals are packages that give your channel a more comprehensive branding look. With this said you can find many static and dynamic offline banners that they sell individually.  They offer banners of varying colors, styles, and even have some that are specific to popular video games.

Pay a Designer for A Custom Offline Banner

If graphic design isn't your strong suit and you're looking for a screen that fits your brand perfectly you should consider hiring a designer. I've had success with Fiverr on hiring artists to create streaming materials before, and there are many artists on the platform that can help you with a screen for your Twitch channel.

Pricing will depend on the artist that you choose and the amount of work you're asking for. Some of the artists have a single template that you can customize while others offer a completely custom screen dependent on what you're asking for. If you're looking for a professional image that sets you far apart from most, this is the way. You and your audience will love it. Make sure that the artists sends the final product in a file format that Twitch accepts.

Streaming Tool Recommendations

What Should Be Included in a Twitch Offline Banner

There's no wrong or right answer to this question, but the following elements are commonly included in Twitch offline banners on the video player.

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