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November 2, 2022

When is Discord's Birthday & What Happens On Your Birthday

Want to know when Discord's birthday is? We'll share when Discord's birthday is and what happens on Discord when it's a user's birthday. Learn more!

When Is Discords Birthday


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Discord is a massively popular social platform with VoIP and instant messaging used by gamers, streamers, and more. Discord has continued to grow in popularity allowing users to send files, voice call, video call, and text message. There are a variety of gaming communities on Discord, and many streamers have leveraged discord to build their community. With discord emotes and other channel customizations it's easy to build a discord community around a common interest. But you're hear because you've likely heard about the giveaways and surprises that Discord does on its birthday. This article will answer everything you need to know about Discord's birthday and other birthday related questions.

When is Discord's Birthday?

Officially Discord's birthday is May 13th as the platform was released on May 13, 2015. Discord was released for public use on May 13, 2015, and so that's the day the company celebrates its birthday.

What Happens on Discord's Birthday?

Every year Discord celebrates its birthday differently with giveaways, new features, new merch, and other surprises. For their seventh birthday they released new Discord merchandise, added a birthday stylized video background, and created a mode called "Party Mode." With party mode enabled your discord channel would toss confetti into the air as you typed, causing crowds to audibly cheer, and even created a "combo meter" to gauge hype. Of course, these features are trivial, but made just to have fun on Discord's birthday.

Below is a video from Discord's 7 year birthday!

In previous years, Discord has done giveaways on their birthday and restyled their UI for the day to be more festive. With this said - every year is truly a surprise at what Discord will do for their birthday. It's up to the Discord development team to determine how they and their users will celebrate their birthday.

So if this is what happens on Discord's birthday you may be curious if anything happens on a user's birthday...

What Happens On Your Birthday on Discord?

On vanilla Discord servers nothing happens on Discord when its your birthday. There won't be any celebration, alert, or announcement unless you prompt other users to celebrate you.

There are servers which utilize a "birthday bot" that will announce to the Discord server that it's your birthday so that everyone in the server can celebrate your special day. Servers that have a birthday bot will require you to opt in by setting your time zone and your actual birthday date so that it will know when to alert everyone.

The good news is that you won't have to individually configure birthday boy with your information for each individual server that you're part of. Your birthday information is stored with Birthday Bot so any and every server that has the bot will let everyone know about your big day. If you'd like to setup birthday bot on your server or want more information, view here.

Should you setup birthday bot on your discord channel? The answer to this question is entirely up to you. The pro of adding this bot is that it might encourage more community within your discord users. It'll give other users a moment to celebrate others on their birthday. With this said - many internet users prefer some anonymity and might not want to share their birthday date with anyone online.

The birthday bot is completely free and users can opt in and out of using it. Just because someone joins your Discord Channel with Birthday bot doesn't mean they'll be forced to give their birthday.

How To Hide Your Birthday Date on Discord

Discord does not show your birthday to any users. Unless you've opted into using a Birthday bot - other users will have no way of knowing what your birthday is. There's no reason to hide your birthday date on discord but it's not visible.

Other Questions Related to Discord and Birthdays

Is it mandatory to give discord your birthday?

Discord requires every new user to give their birth date when signing up. The reason is that Discord requires that all users be over the age of 13 years old. They don't want children on their platform. With this said - Discord does nothing to validate the users birth date.

How To Change Your Birthday on Discord?

You cannot manually change your birthday on Discord. To have your official birthday changed on Discord you'll need to submit a new "Help" ticket to have this changed. To do this you'll go to "Submit A Request" and select the dropdown menu that says "Appeals, Age Update, Other Questions". Next you'll need to share what your actual birth date is and also a photo of you holding photo identification which contains your date of birth. Once this is reviewed by Discord's staff you'll have your birthday changed on Discord.

How Do I Check My Discord Birthday?

You can check the age of your Discord account by right clicking on any user and selecting "User Profile." You'll see there's a section on their profile that says "Member Since" with the birthdate of their Discord Account.

How Do I Check Another User's Account Age?

You can check any user's account age by right clicking on their user icon on the right and choosing "User Profile." On the next screen you'll see under "User Info" a spot that says "Discord Member Since" with the account age. To be clear - this is their account's age. This is the day in which they created their Discord account. This is not the actual birth date of the user. There is currently no way of verifying or knowing how old a Discord user is.

Discord Account Age

How Old Is Discord?

Discord is 7 years old. The platform was launched on May 13, 2015.

Utilize Discord To Help Build Your Streaming Community

Discord is an incredible way for streamers to connect with their viewers and community off stream. Like most things in streaming your Discord will require work to flourish, but can pay off in a huge way. Create channels within Discord that fit your vision of your community and then spend time engaging on the platform.

Take initiative to share on Discord about the movies you enjoy, questions you have, or share what you had for lunch. Most of the time people love to talk on Discord, but don't always know how to initiate the conversation. By providing some messages you can really build momentum and get people sharing.

Another great idea for building community on Discord is by having a movie night. Pick a movie or YouTube to watch via Discord. Discord allows you to stream you computer screen so that you and anyone else in your Discord can watch together. It can be a lot of fun to watch content with your community with everyone cracking jokes and talking together. One last idea is to use Discord for game nights. Plan a night where everyone can jump into a Discord channel and play games together. Whether it's Jackbox, Minecraft, or Overwatch it can be a lot of fun to play games with your viewers and Discord is a great tool to talk with one another while doing it.

Discord is also a great place to announce your streams. By utilizing the @everyone feature you can send out a notification to everyone in your discord that you're going live on Twitch or YouTube. Many users join a streamer's discord, because they use it as a quick way to get notified of when the streamer goes live.

The one part of Discord that requires intention is reminding your community that you have a Discord. Invite your viewers and followers to join your Discord. Unlike TikTok, Instagram, and other social media platforms there really isn't much of a way for anyone to "discover" your Discord channel. You'll want to be intentional about inviting and welcoming people to your Discord. You can create a temporary or permanent invite link that can be shared with others that leads directly to your Discord.

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